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More Than A Thousand Words

We are happy to feature Nydia Ortiz, an accomplished photographer based in San Diego, CA. Her work in fashion photography has given her the opportunity to venture to monumental fashion-forward cities such as Paris, France and make her mark there in the editorial fashion world. When Nydia is not using her skilled art in fashion, she is embracing her travels and capturing the natural beauty of landscapes and scenery wherever she goes. Recently, she released her first book, ‘More Than A Thousand Words’.

Here she shares with us a portion of her journey and new projects including Visionary Lotus.

What do you find inspiring and moves you to capture a moment?

I love capturing beautiful moments and things I find beautiful. Editorials, fashion, Landscape and nature, Engagements

Nydia is able to find beauty almost everywhere she goes and doesn’t miss a chance at capturing it.

What motivated you to do photography?
Well, my dream has always been to travel the world, find amazing landscapes and explore the beauty of nature. I am also very into fashion and the various types of fashions all over the world. Catching these moments through photography just felt right for me. Then realized when I started, that it came very natural to me and I felt very passionate about what I was doing. I knew I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be.

Spring Photoshoot by Nydia Photography

What was one of your dreams that most freaked whether attainable or not?
“My book, More Than A Thousand Words, this was one of the scariest things she had ever done and didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to put herself out there. I had to be utterly vulnerable and to share my most personal stories that I had not even gone over with to myself”

She says with realization.
“The devastation I had of losing my uncle…”  her moms’ brother who was like a father to her.  “was the hardest to re-live and share. At the time of my loss, I struggled with the fact that I still needed him and couldn’t understand why he had left me. All my abandonment issues from my biological father had resurfaced when he died also.” Nydia shares with a sombre voice.

She found doing the book really helped her sort out her feelings and helped her deal with this loss.

What do you consider is your kryptonite?
Being behind a computer (she laughs hard).

The thought of editing or skin retouching kills me. I would rather be out shooting all day than stuck inside, feeling trapped, editing.

Spring Photoshoot by Nydia Photography

“But when I was in dark rooms and developing photos I still felt connected with my photography, it was way more fun than being stuck behind a computer during the editing process.”

“When I have my own studio, Visionary Lotus, I will have someone else doing the editing and retouching so I can just focus on my shooting”. I enjoyed the conviction in which she said this and look forward to seeing more of her work.

I know your photography studio name is your name, Nydia Ortiz Photography, but you are wanting to establish your corporation and studio Visionary Lotus, how did you come up with this name?
“Someone had asked me one day about this. I explained to him that the Lotus flower itself grows in murky waters and roots itself into the mud. Yet when it flowers it creates a gorgeous flower and I strongly felt a connection to this flower as I waded through murky waters to flourish into what I am today.”

What is your favourite social media and why?
“FB because the convos are much easier and I find it more comfortable to use. There is a wide range of groups on there that enjoy enjoys being a part of. It allows me the freedom to connect with those with the same interests or people going through the same processes in life. Whether is for support or just common interests.”

Nydia finds the layout is more beneficial for sharing her work she believes.

What do you believe it’s a fundamental part of your life?
What’s driving you in your life right now?
Definitely getting her health to where she would like it to be is a fundamental part of her life. Also finances and starting her own business which is driving her. She is looking for stability and a sense of financial freedom.

Describe three things that make you Happy?
Definitely my Dogs for sure, Pebbles a cute Wiener cross chihuahua and Molly her adorable little Miniature American Eskimo. Music, dancing, and singing, especially to reggaeton but admits to having an appreciation for all types of music. Last but definitely not least, my God Children who recently had moved away and she misses greatly.

If you could leave us with a statement what would it be?
A statement Briefly describes what you’re doing or where you are in life.

Capturing a beautiful moment to freeze it in time to capture it forever.

Paris Photoshoot of Woman wearing Black Dress by Nydia Ortiz

Nydia is now focusing on growing as a photographer, and as an entrepreneur. She is looking to obtain her own studio and currently planning on going back to school for marketing and advertising which will highly benefit her with all her future endeavours. You can see more of her work @ nydiaortiz.com

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