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Howling Moon Cider is about giving yourself permission to let go of your inhibitions, throw back your head and release a primal call to the wild.

Panda Studios is amazing to work with. Their attention to detail from start to finish was great. Their ability to take a concept and turn it into a reality was superb. From their graphic design to their final presentation Panda Studios show true professionalism. Even from off location, they were able to make revisions in a timely manner. I highly recommend them for everything from labels, to logos, to marketing materials and beyond.
Nik & Kate
Purely Gluten Free Craft Cider
Howling Moon Logo Brand Cider Coaster


This series is definitely leading the pack. Revival, Rebellion & Revolution will take you up for a ride. If you haven’t tried them yet, you are missing out Big Time. Their rich flavours and blends bring you the best from Dry to Semi-sweet, providing a tasteful pallet for each one of you. The statement is true, No One Gets Left Behind.

Made with Local Farm Apples Rooted in BC
20L Six percent Maker's Series Label Keg
100% Fresh Apple Juice typography


Howling Moon Craft Cider Foldable Business Card
Howling Moon Craft Cider Foldable Business Card

Cucumber Mint Vanilla Peach Blackberry Sage Lemon Hops Lavender Plum Spicy Ginger Cyser Spiced Cherry

For us, it has been a pleasure working alongside Howling Moon. We recall working on the first logotype sketches, years back. Having the opportunity to see them grow from the very beginnings has been a source of inspiration for us.

6.5% 500ML Purely Gluten Free Craft Cider
500ML 6% Makers Series Descriptive Text Label

PHOTO BY – Ananheuser-Busch   |  Ractapopulous

Couple Women Drinking Cider at a Patio
Howling Moon Primary Visual Mark in White