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Sayulita Cruz Surf Camp approached us looking to promote their one year anniversary. In the process, they were wanting more exposure in hopes of attracting a wider and larger audience.

We felt a brief but impactful video showcasing the various activities and lifestyles would be just what they were looking for. The promotional video was a total success, bringing a new audience and increasing more traffic to their site, which then led to more bookings and new adventures for all.

Sayulita Cruz is all about embracing life and making new memories. They welcome all ages to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of surf culture.

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Sayulita surf camp website welcome page

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

– John Kabat-Zinn

Sayulita surf camp website packages page
California Surfing beach spot
Ocean sunset with Male doing head stand Yoga pose
Sayulita surf camp website packages page
Couple Female Surfers walking over Sunrise
It was a real pleasure working alongside Panda Studios in the development of my promotional video. Their talent and creative ideas had a big impact on my company. Thanks again!
Sayulita Cruz
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Sayulita Cruz Surf Yoga Purple Tank Top
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Sunset photo by Sebastian Voortman