Winter Collection Half Pipe Cover Shot

Snow Collection


Following up is one of my favourites collections due to the time and location it happened. This was done between 2005-2007, not one of my most recent works, but it always takes me back to my roots.

As a graphic designer, I had the amazing opportunity to fulfill my dream job at that time. It was to work in the Action Sports Division, designing a wide variety of snowboard graphics, and experiencing for the first time what it felt to have full creative freedom. As of today, I believe this has set the tone for my present endeavours.

Dream big dreams.
Small dreams have no Magic.

– Dottie Boreyko

Snowboarder Flying over Quick Silver Showdown at Grouse Mountain
NFA Snowboard Graphic Designs

Art Commissions by Yon Panda

Black Skis

Creative + Art Direction |  Design | Production

On my second year designing snowboards, a potential project came to fruition. Due to my previous accomplishments, I was then fortunate enough to be assigned to design a new line of skis.

These designs were not as simple as the initial snowboard layout due to its intricacy, style and design approach. The narrow platform made it much more challenging to create smaller graphics. This was the first time I was given no direction and was handed the opportunity to take full creative ownership of the project.

Overall it was an Amazing experience and I would love to have a similar opportunity once again.