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Wild Goose Vineyards - 2014 Autum Gold Bootle

Wild Goose Winery

“It all began in early 1983 when founder Adolf Kruger purchased a barren piece of land east of Okanagan Falls. Upon his return to his newly purchased property, he discovered a large flock of Canada geese feeding amongst the tumbleweeds, boulders, and rubble. As he approached, the flock of geese took flight and flew to the north.  This vision inspired Adolf to call the property Wild Goose Vineyards.”

From Wild Goose Winery

Brand Identity | Package Design

Inspired by stunning natural occurrences of the Canadian Geese on the land, owner Adolf Kruger founded the recognized name of, Wild Goose Vineyards.

A modern-day twist with a heightened sense of class elevates the Winery Brand.

Adding a little style and sharpness to the Geese resulted in a more forward-looking and innovative logo.

Green grapes Vineyards Close Up

Logotype Before & After

Wild Goose Original Logo
Wild Goose Logotype Specs

Logotype Draft Alternatives

Wild Goose Digital draft logo
Wild Goose Vineyards Packaging Logotype
Wild Goose Digital draft logo
White Woman Testing Red Wine

Brand Style Guide

The Brand Style Guide is very important as it is the primary visual aid for your brand. Developing a more contemporary style and having it easily read is definitely the way to go.

Wild Goose Vineyards Brand Style Guide

Label Design

We were able to showcase the personality of the Brand, through Label Design by injecting an air of simplicity and taking on a more memorable approach.

Red Wine Winery Vineyard photo by Jamie
Daniel Vogel Wine Barrels photo
Wild Goose Vineyards Red wine Cheese Platter presentation

Front & Back Label Specs

Illustrated below are the specs used on the Front and Back Label Templates, to be used for print production.

Wild Goose Vineyard front label specs
Wild Goose Vineyard back label specs
Vineyards dark grape photo by Maja Petric