When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.

– William Arthur Ward

The Insight—Stories

Discover in-depth conversations with local & international creatives who share personal experiences about their artistic journey.

Mountain Biker with Bike on back alley

Life in COTIC Times

From time to time, I have pretty unconventional stories in my life; for the most part, I keep them private and focus on digital art, design or graphic art topics. But after what happened to

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A True Artistic Heart with Sara Glaxia

In this episode, we reconnect with a wild, crazy and fun individual I lost track of for many years. We met in the golden times of partying, skateboarding, and partying again in my beloved and chaotic home town, Mexico City.

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Jeffrey's Digital Landscape Painting

Ingenuity Beyond Most

I am very excited to introduce you to a particular individual whose ingenuity is beyond most. Jeffrey C. is what I consider a skilled Swiss Army creative who’s (relatively) new to Vancouver. He is very

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Nydia Photography Kaleidoscope Mural Portrait

More Than A Thousand Words

We are happy to feature Nydia Ortiz, an accomplished photographer based in San Diego, CA. Her work in fashion photography has given her the opportunity to venture to monumental fashion-forward cities such as Paris, France

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YON Panda Studios Long Exposure Self Portrait

Behind the Panda

Hola! I hope you’re doing great! For this one, I’m going back to the days when everything started. I want to tell you all the juicy details, taking the opportunity to share with you my journey

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